Fire Alarm

Best-In-Class Fire Alarm Service and Repairs

Fire Alarm

Comprehensive fire alarm Services

One of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe is to install a fire alarm system. If a fire breaks out, you should be aware of it as soon as possible so that you can either put it out or escape. Setting up a high-quality fire alarm system is the first step in protecting lives and property from the consequences of fires.

We are leaders in this vital arena because of our depth of expertise in creating reliable and sophisticated fire alarms. Precision AlarmTech uses the latest technology developments to set the bar higher with systems that are more configurable, more scalable, and more automated to help you protect your people and your assets.

Featured Fire Alarm Solutions

  • Intelligent fire and smoke detection
  • Emergency Communications
  • Air Sampling Detection
  • Notification Appliances
  • Suppression systems
  • Auxiliary Equipment

More Fire Alarm Services

Detect smoke or increasing heat that may lead to a massive fire using Fire Alarm Systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

Professionally designed, manufactured, and tested to meet tough industrial standards.

Elevator Phone

Provides peace of mind and protects lives and assets with fire alarm monitoring.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

A comprehensive selection of fire inspection & repairs through our licensed technicians.

Inspections & Repairs

Acceptable level of fire Design and Plan that minimize the risks from heat and smoke.

Design and Plan

Precision AlarmTech offers fire submittals.


Voice Evacuation announces the fire notification through speakers.

Voice Evacuation

We provide the perfect Fire Extinguishers for fire hazards around the home.

Fire Extinguishers

With years of expertise, we offer sprinkler testing and repair.

Sprinkler Testing and Repair


Why Should You Choose Our Security Solutions?

Our experts have years of experience and are fully qualified security equipment installers. We ensure your security is complete to the highest standard. We use high-quality alarm systems, surveillance cameras from top brands, and certified security installers who have received in-depth training and years of experience.

Reasonable Pricing

Although we offer our products and services at a lower price, we don't skimp on quality. We offer the most competitive prices.


We always have the newest technology because we are genuinely curious about our rapidly evolving sector.

Customer Service

We take pride in our work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Simply read the reviews to discover what our clients are saying.

24- Hours Safety

We design your security systems to protect you 24/7, while you're out of the house and at home sleeping.

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Forget Worries When You Have A Safer, Smarter Home

Being safe is a wonderful feeling and we at Precision AlarmTech live by the motto of “Keeping you safe”. Our security experts can help you customize the perfect solution.