Do you realize how important sprinkler testing is? If you are unaware of the significance of checking sprinkler systems, continue reading to discover why installing this fire system in your commercial organization is critical. Installing a sprinkler system in a building might help you reduce property loss by up to 67 percent. But, merely installing a Fire Extinguishers Northeast Ohio is insufficient to keep your structure safe; it must also be tested.

Various fire prevention systems are required to keep your building as safe as possible. However, keeping up with the inspection process schedules for each system can be difficult.

Fire Pump Flow Test

A pump flow test is possibly the most important test for your sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler inspection includes everything from visual inspections of sprinkler heads to pump exercise and flow testing, as well as FDC connections and cap installations. Annual inspections and pump flow checks are necessary.

Fire Hydrant Flow Test

To begin a hydrant flow test, open your fire hydrant and allow it to flow for at least 1 minute. It removes any foreign things from the hydrant and allows it to function smoothly. After halting the flow, inspect the fire hydrant to ensure it drains correctly. Next, lubricate all hydrant stems, threads, and caps to ensure they are in good working order and conveniently accessible to the department. Annual fire hydrant testing is recommended.

Standpipe Flow Test

Standpipes, the vertical pipework that links sprinkler systems and hose stations between numerous floors, are typical in high-rise stairwells to guarantee that pressure is not lost when fire sprinkler systems are activated. A standpipe test inspects the water supply, sump, and pipes at the system’s highest point. The NFPA recommends that standpipe flow testing be performed every five years.

Fire Sprinkler Hydro Test

A fire sprinkler hydro-test is performed to ensure the integrity of your systems, ensuring that the pipes are free of fractures and leaks that might cause malfunctioning when you need it the most. No worries if you need to fix your sprinkler in this scenario! Several fire protection businesses also provide sprinkler repair services.


Don’t take any chances; instead, install a dependable sprinkler system and get Sprinkler Testing and Repair Northeast Ohio regularly by a fire prevention firm to keep your building safe at all times.

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