The Ultimate Security Camera Buying Guide

An example of smart home security automation

Imagine arriving home with your hands full of grocery bags and being able to unlock your doors with a single tap on your smartphone before you even reach the front step.

As you step through the door, the lights turn on. The thermostat automatically cools or heats your home for you, and your security system arms itself before you go to bed.

Not long ago, this scenario might have sounded like a scene from a science fiction movie, but thanks to smart home automation, this reality is now possible.

Through the Vivint Smart Hub, you can see what’s happening outside your door in real time, open your home to guests, or arm your security system before going to bed.

From smart locks to smart thermostats and garage door openers, you can connect all kinds of home automation devices to your control panel — making automation easy and hassle-free.

Smart speakers

For total smart home control, pair your smart home security system with voice assistants so that you can manage your smart devices through voice commands.

To make this happen, be sure your home security system checks all the boxes when it comes to compatibility and connectivity with smart integrations and voice assistants. Below are some of these kinds of products:

  • Google Nest
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Google Assistant

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